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South Stoke Primary School is a small primary school in the village of South Stoke. We have children in school from surrounding villages and towns. 

South Stoke School aims to ensure  that all pupils achieve and take pride in their own individual challenging goals. Children, staff, parents and governors work together to ensure that everyone is valued and has mutual respect for one another within a busy, positive, happy  and secure family atmosphere, where high standards and expectations are consistently promoted. 

Our history

South Stoke Primary School's roots date back to 1659 when £600 was donated by Dr. Griffith Higgs to buy a plot of land and maintain a charity school for 8 poor children. New buildings were built in 1831 with extensive modifications in the 1970's and early 2000's.

We continue to be a welcoming, friendly school which is at the centre of the community. 

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