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Amanda Rogers

Head Teacher


Our aims for the children of South Stoke Primary School are for them to be confident to question, to learn collaboratively as well as independently and to gain the skills which will help them fulfil their potential in the future. 



The staff at South Stoke Primary School aim to be inspiring and to build a solid foundation for learning; which will give children the opportunity to fulfil their maximum potential.  The children at South Stoke Primary School should be happy, confident, determined and creative in their learning.  The parents at South Stoke Primary School work together with the school to support their children and to enrich their learning outside of school.  The governors at South Stoke Primary School are supportive but challenging in their vision for the school.



Build on strengths to achieve our dreams.


Children’s views on what type of adult they wish to become: The children of South Stoke Primary School want to be sensible, helpful, kind, sporty, clever, hardworking, artistic, friendly, brave, fun, wise, fair and truthful when they are adults.

Our History

South Stoke Primary School's roots date back to 1659 when £600 was donated by Dr. Griffith Higgs to buy a plot of land and maintain a charity school for 8 poor children. New buildings were built in 1831 with extensive modifications in the 1970's and early 2000's.

We continue to be a welcoming, friendly school which is at the centre of the community. 

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