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Scouts from the 2nd. Goring & Streatley Scout Group, one selected Scout being Dorothy's older brother William, are going to a very rural deprived area of Uganda to extend a school that the Scouts built in 2010. The children and young people in that area of Uganda do not have opportunity to go to school after primary school age. So the Scouts with the assistance of the Church of Uganda in 2010 decided to build a school for older children to teach them subjects that would give them a good opportunity of getting a real job, so the school built teaches subjects such as bricklaying and carpentry boys and dressmaking and domestic science for the girls, the school has been so successful that the Scouts have been invited back to extend the school to provide a bakery department, improved toilet facilities and fencing around the school. So the Scout Group is busy fund raising and would like your help which they would be very thankful to all those who are able to help.

So what would we like your help with :

1. We are looking for loads and loads of old china that we can use on our 'Breaking China Stall' at local fetes and functions.

2. We are also making a collection of two penny pieces so that we can run an event where we can create a 'Mile of Two Penny Pieces', we did this a few years ago and did not quite make the mile, so we really want to achieve this, this time.

If you have any old unwanted china or can collect two penny pieces, please let Dorothy know and the china can be collected or hand your two penny pieces to Dorothy to pop into our collection boxes at Scouts or give me a telephone call.

Why not join our Scout Group, we are a very friendly and active Scout Group doing lots of very exciting things. So if you are 6 years to 8 years of age you can join the Beavers. If you are 8 years to 11 years of age you can join the Wolf Cubs. Why not give me a call or see our website '' and come along and join the fun that is Scouting.


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