Miss Rogers

Head Teacher

Miss Rogers is nice, kind and funny. She helps us learn and read and lets us borrow her cuddly toys for the weekend! She is cool and fun!She has a big heart because she likes all the children and is kind to them all. She is awesome.Miss Rogers is hard working as she teaches and helps at lunch and after school. She makes lessons fun!

Emma (age 8) and Daniel (age 9)

Miss Middleton

Junior Teaching Assistant

Miss Middleton is a great teaching assistant. She has beautiful brown hair and always puts a smile on when she sees us working really hard. Even though she has glasses she has beautiful eyes and they sparkle in the light. I don't think we have had a better teaching assistant since I've been in this class.

Rosie (age 9)

Miss Baines

School Secretary

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Miss Townsend

Junior Teacher

Miss Townsend is a hilarious, clever person. She loves chocolate and tea. Miss Townsend is a really good hugger and she has a fun way of teaching. She is good at getting to know you.She is a maths wizard because she knows so much and also she is never sad. Miss T is weird in a good way, she has a really good taste in music and she is strict but not too strict. She is a really good singer and I think she should go on the X Factor. She is really brainy so she can teach us lots of things so we will go far in life. Miss T makes boring lessons fun so we never get bored.

Lilly (age 10)

Miss Coleman

Junior Teaching Assistant

Miss Coleman is very nice. She helps out some times. Miss Coleman's behaviour is very good but some times she can be a little bit silly. Miss Coleman has blond hair. She also has hazel eyes. Miss Coleman wears a pony tail in her hair most of the time.

Tara (age 7)

Mrs Jones

School Bursar

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Miss Wadsworth

Infant Teacher

Miss Wadsworth is the best teacher. She is very nice. She looks after us and gives us cuddles when we are hurt. She tells us what to do. Miss Wadsworth gives us the best work to do. She makes it very easy to understand.I love Miss Wadsworth because she makes everything fair. Miss Wadsworth helps people who are sad and sometimes gives them hugs to make them feel better. She is lovely when we are good but when we are naughty she puts us on the red and yellow cards. She is the loveliest teacher I have ever met.

Chloe (age 6) and Charlotte (age 6)

Miss Hearne

Infant Teaching Assistant

Miss Hearne is always happy. She makes us laugh. She helps us learn a lot. She helps us spell tricky words. She is really nice. We call her Miss Huggle Buggle because she gives us hugs. She is a teaching assistant.

Delilah (age 7)

Mrs Stevens

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Stevens wears sparkly glasses and has dark curly red hair. Also she has dark brown eyes. Mrs Stevens is very good at looking at people when they are being naughty. She is our lunchtime supervisor.

Lottie (age 8)

Ruth Winchcombe


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Art Director

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Head of Sales

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Product Manager

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