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The Curriculum


Themes this year (2018-2019)

Terms 1 & 2


Years 5 & 6


This term we will be using ‘Bootleg’ as our main text. This is a great book for stimulating character, setting and plot ideas as well as in-depth discussions about the government’scontrol over what society eats. We should have lots of fun reading it and am sure we will be completing some amazing work on it reflecting the children’s opinions and ideas about thetopics covered in the book.

The children will also be completing their weekly spelling tests during the week. Spellings will be given out the week before.

Reading will continue to be a big focus for us in the mornings. It is important that the children bring to school their reading book and reading record every day in order to be heard read. Reading records will be handed out at the beginning of term. If you would like to spend some time in the juniors listening to readers we would really love your company!



Year 5 and 6 will be receiving 2 pieces of homework a week. One is English based and one is maths based. These will be given out on Thursday to be given in the following Friday. Children are expected to be able to complete these activities independently and they are always based on what we have been learning in the week. If they do come across problems please come to me and I am always happy to go through homework again with them. Each child has a homework book in school which can be taken home to complete homework in. all homework is expected to be presented in the way that is expected in school.



We will be spending the first few weeks looking at number and place value. We will then be moving on to focusing on the four operations. By Christmas I am expecting all children to be able to use written methods for these at their own level and to be able to apply them in problem solving ways. This will then help the rest of our work across the year. As part of this it is really important the children are constantly practising their mental maths. This includes revising things like number bonds, adding and subtracting 10/100 and times tables.



We will be looking at materials for our science work. We will be looking at their properties and how these are useful for particular jobs. We will also concentrate on how materials are mixed and separated as well as the processes involved in changing states. This will involve working on lots of investigations and improving our enquiry skills as well as questioning, predicting, observing and recording our findings.



The focus for this is chocolate and the subjects of geography, history, music, art and D&T will be taught using this focus.

During the first term we will be finding out where chocolate is grown and looking at one country in particular as well as how we trade with other countries for different products. We will also be finding out about fair trade and the impact this has. In music we shall we learning the vocabulary

used to describe music and working on drumming! We will be focusing on plants in art and practising our various drawing and sketching skills as well as the use of colour within art. . We are hoping to finish the term with a chocolate café so you can all come in and see the amazing work the children will have done.

In term 2 we will be completing a history study on the Mayans. The children will find out about who they were and how they lived. We will be looking at various aspects of their settlements as well as focusing on women and children, clothes and homes. Art will be using the Mayans as a focus too. We will be completing some Mayan designs as well as constructing Aztec warrior outfits. In music we are going to continue to work on rhythm using African drumming as a focus.

In music we will also be beginning to learn the songs for the upcoming young voices concert. This has become an annual event which the children (and I!) absolutely love taking part in. I will send out CDs and words as soon as I receive them as well as further

details about the event. At the moment I know we will be going to the Birmingham Genting arena again and our concert is on Thursday 17th January 2018.



During our first term we are going to be working on food and using the book ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ or ‘La chenille qui a trés faim’. We will be using this to learn the days of the week and food as well as revising colours and numbers. The children will also be writing their own versions of this story!



In computing for the first term we are going to focus on interent safety and how to use the internet safely. We will also refine our word processing and presentation skills. We use these so much in all other subjects that I would like the children to become more efficient in using word and powerpoint as well as publisher. The children created some fantastic powerpoints last year so I’m looking forward to seeing more of those this year. In the second term we are going to be using our lego software again. The children loved this last year and completed some great projects. I’m hoping theywill take it a step further this time!


Religious Education

In RE this term we are going to look at harvest festivals. The children will have the opportunity to find out the customs linked with each one as well as enquire to their purpose. This will lead up to Christmas which we will study at the end of term.


Physical Education

PE will take place on Monday and Fridays. On Monday’s we will focus on running andorienteering. Then after half term learn about netball. During the term we will be taking part in various sporting events held with our cluster schools. I will send these dates out as soon as I receive them along with the selection processes. We had another fantastic yearof sport last year and I know our new year 3’s will really add to this also.

The sports coaches are continuing to work with us this term also. They will be working on football for the first term and move onto hockey in the second term. They will also be continuing their lunchtime football club and after school sports club.

Some sessions of PE will be held at the recreation ground whilst others will take part on the playground.



Years 3 & 4

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