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If you are looking for a school for your child, where they can achieve their full potential, where they are treated as an individual and their talents are developed and nurtured – then look no further.


At South Stoke we are proud to be small as it enables us to provide the best combination of care and challenge. Because our class sizes are small and pupil to staff ratios high we are more able to respond to each child’s needs and provide a learning environment designed to maximise their very best potential.


Choosing the right school for your child is clearly important and we encourage you to come and visit and get a feel for the school, talk to children and teachers and see what goes on in the classes.

Amanda Rogers



School Status: The School is currently OPEN Please check back here for school closures.

SOUTH STOKE PRIMARY SCHOOL                                   TEL: 01491872948

THE STREET, SOUTH STOKE                                        EMAIL: OFFICE.2507@SOUTH-STOKE.OXON.SCH.UK

OXFORDSHIRE RG8 0JS                                              HEADTEACHER: AMANDA ROGERS

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