Here you will find all of the school's policies.  Please click on a title below to access the full text.

If you wish paper copies of any documentation please contact the office and we will arrange for them to be sent to you.

Our Marking and Feedback policy helps parents and children to understand how work is marked and where children can improve their academic progress through individual targets

Admission arrangements

Admissions are handled by the local authority.  For further information regarding school admissions, please refer to the Admissions menu item above.

Good behaviour has a positive influence on everyone’s morale and makes our school a pleasant place to work in. It is necessary for everyone’s safety and well being. If our children behave inappropriately it is unlikely that they will learn effectively. Learning to behave properly is part of children...

For up to date information on Pupil Premium, please see the relevant link under "Education" or click here.


The pupil premium for 2012-13 was £900 per pupil. 4 pupils were eligible for this allowance. The money was used in the following way: 

Within this section of our policies we detail our intervention strategies for children on the Special Educational Needs register.

All education during school hours is free. We do not charge for any activity undertaken as part of the National Curriculum with the exception of swimming, where a voluntary contribution is requested for the cost of transport.

Our aims for the children of South Stoke Primary School are for them to be confident to question, to learn collaboratively as well as independently and to gain the skills which will help them fulfil their potential in the future.

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