​School Clubs

School Clubs

Despite being a small school, we still manage to run after school clubs.  We believe that the National Curriculum only goes so far in educating our children and they all have an opportunity to expand their extra curriculum experiences after each school day.


Whilst many parents are able to collect their children at 3.15pm, having the school clubs in place means that working parents are given breathing space when it comes to leaving work to collect their child. The children thoroughly enjoy the relaxed, yet informative working and social experiences of the clubs we have to offer.

Creative Club

Foundation - Year 6

Creative Club takes place on Tuesdays after school until 4.15pm.

A firm favorite among the children, creative club continues the schools ethos of creativity and individuality by allowing the children to unlock their creative talents in a child lead activity.Be warned, your child will return home with some wonderful creations.


Lunchtime. Foundation - Year 6

Anyone for football?  England may not have won the World Cup since 1966 (at least not with a football), but our children love to kick a ball around.Football teaches coordination, team spirit, communication, balance... and the best thing is, the children think they are just having fun!

Relax Kids

Relax kids is a club that focusses on mental wellbeing.  Initially started by the Parents Association, we have been operating this for a number of years now and find that the children benefit greatly from this club.

Sports Club

Years 2-6

Sports Club takes place on Fridays after school until 4:15pm (winter) 4:30pm (summer)

Exercise is so important in a child's development. The recommended level of sport for children is one hour per day. To help meet this, we run two sports clubs per week, and combining that with PE, and the amount of running about our children do at play time, this target is easily met.Sports club enables the children to experience a variety of sports including tennis, hockey, netball/basketball, golf as well as generic exercise.

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